And when the noise entered the stadium,Li Ziqiang cast a disgusting look。

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He doesn’t think of making noise,Every team training,Many students are surrounded by the stands on the sidelines to watch,They also make various sounds。
What he hates is the sudden noise,Easily distracted。
But after casting my gaze over,Li Ziqiang was stunned,The first thing he saw was a large group of people,They walked into the stadium mightily。
Then he saw in front of this large group of people,Walking alone,That person is quite familiar……
It’s Hu Lai!
He finally knew why the stands were so empty during training today……So I ran to see this kid!
“How did you come?”Li Ziqiang’s tone was a bit disgusting。
Hu Lai said with a smile:“I come to see everyone,Also come to see you coach。”
After speaking, he waved hello to the school team players who had stopped training behind Li Ziqiang.。
Li Ziqiang looked back and saw the team that did not listen to him and continued training,Even the captain of the team, Xia Xiaoyu, looked a little gaffe in front of Hu Lai’s arrival.,He is paddling his feet and looking at Hu Lai,If not for myself,I guess he’s going to Hu Lai already?
Thought of here,Li Ziqiang snorted,Say to Hu Lai:“I went to the locker room to change my shoes,Then train with them。”
The people in the team heard this,All collective“Wow”Up。
Hu Lai has no objection,Bang“okay”after that,He ran to the locker room。
He did come to see the team,Look at the coach,See everyone in this form,Although a little unexpected,But it’s actually better。
Than standing on the sidelines or in the stands watching everyone train,Will make him feel more comfortable,As if he never left this team,He is still a member of this team……
Soon Hu Lai changed his shoes and appeared on the football field。
And those students who came to the stadium with Hu Lai are already on the stands at this time,After seeing Hu Lai running out,They cheered collectively。