“Ok,Where are you going to build?”Wang Jiadong asked further。

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“Of course it is a development zone,In the future, the development of the city will be transferred to the development zone,The land there will have a lot of room for appreciation in the future,also,If Madoka’s hotel business grows,His attention may gradually shift to the hotel,The energy invested in the economic and trade field may be weakened,I do it this way,Also for your sake,Help you control your son。”
“Haha。”Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“Changyi,Know me,You also。Don’t tell this to that kid,I just thought about it,You can see through。but,How to cooperate?”
“I haven’t talked to Madoka,Initially think like this,From Madoka to the big head,Small head,Golden Shield has more shares,The Civil Defense Office has a small share,In addition,If the policy does not allow the Civil Air Defense Office to continue to operate,Golden Shield has the first right to acquire shares held by the Civil Defense Office。All matters related to the business license from the early land acquisition are handled by the Civil Air Defense Office,But the funds must be provided by Golden Shield,Even for loans,Also in the name of Golden Shield,Do you think?”
“Ok,Roughly feasible,You can discuss the details with Madoka。Hey,If you can help me hold this kid’s heart,Just to give me the best security!”Wang Jiadong let out a deep breath。
Peng Changyi said:“in fact,I think Madoka is still pretty。”in fact,Peng Changyi is also worried about Minister,Since he finished talking with Wang Yuan last time,This worry has always existed。Peng Changyi doesn’t want Wang Yuan to make any mistakes,Just say:“This is my initial idea,What to do,I have to wait until I finish my inspection of the Eco Food City,In addition,It depends on Madoka’s own wishes.。”
“Ok,I guess Madoka might not be too interested in Food City,Maybe he is more interested in the land。also,Too many scammers now,Unpredictable,What if this ecological food city is a liar?”
Peng Changyi said:“I thought about this problem,Even if he is a liar,We can also copy his model。”
“That won’t work,You must pay the initial fee,Otherwise, why use Jiang Fan to match the bridge??There must be someone behind it。”
Peng Changyi thought that Minister was too good,He also thought so when Jiang Fan told himself,He said:“I’ll go to Jin’an in a day or two,Take a preliminary inspection,I’ll talk to Madoka when it’s almost time。”
that’s it,After being approved by the minister,Peng Chang Yicai and Song Xiangqian, deputy director of the Civil Air Defense Office, came to Jin’an,Walked into this ecological food city。
When Su Fan called,They just entered Jin’an City。After coming to this ecological food city,Peng Changyi and others are indeed shining。No wonder Jiang Fan is excited**Color depicting this ecological food city。There is nothing special about this outside,But inside,But don’t have a cave,Under the huge glass dome,It is a greenhouse like spring all year round,Inside the small bridge、Rockery fountain,There are green coconut trees everywhere、Banana tree,There are also blooming azaleas and bougainvillea,Some other seasonal flowers in the north,Flowers are just embellishment,Mainly some southern green plants that northerners can’t easily see。it’s here,If you don’t deliberately look for,Can’t see an inch of yellow land,As long as there is soil,Must be overgrown with green plants。
Song Xiangqian, deputy director of the Civil Air Defense Office, couldn’t help but exclaimed.:“So beautiful,Eat here,Definitely expensive。”