Kay trampling the air kept rushing towards Payne。

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“Shinra Tianzheng!”
“It’s useless!”
The expected situation of Metkay being bounced did not appear,Instead, Payne was beaten from the sky to the ground again。
Metkay also fell to the ground out of breath,To break through Penn’s Shenluo Tianzheng,The previous blow Matkay consumed a lot of energy。
“Can actually break through the Shenluo Tianzheng,You really are the strongest opponent I have ever encountered。”
“Ha ha,You too,Payne。”Metkay, who supported himself to straighten up, said。
Payne stretched out his hand slowly to Metkay,This time,Payne didn’t choose to pretend to fly into the air,After all, I was beaten from the sky twice in a row,Even payne,Also feel a little embarrassed。
“Earth Booming Star!”
Metkay watched the fragmented dirt under his feet gradually float into the air to wrap himself。
Tsunade looked at the earth ball in the sky and shouted。
“Can force me to use this ninjutsu,Pretty good,but,That’s it。”After seeing Metkay being sealed,Payne was relieved to continue rising into the air,“Konoha Village,Will be today,Become history!”
“hateful!”Kyuubi and Susano collide with each other and stalemate,Sasuke looked around at Konan and Daido who went to his left and right.。
Although the ten-fist sword can drag people into the illusion forever,But it can only be used once in a short time,Sasuke must leave this to Payne。