Mainly the Nikkei index and the Hang Seng Index falls too fast、too harsh,Far far beyond many people,However, it is expected that,Next hours,Wait until European exchange,Most excessive falls will also have different degrees,The US stocks that are more open are difficult to be alone。

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The stock market has risen,Negative news No one is concerned,These days seem to all the bad news released all.,And the power is huge。
All say that spring river water warmers,This is the old fox who has traded from the finance.,Where can I see that the situation is very dangerous?,I don’t care, the whole bubble will be destroyed.。
From the past experience,Every financial crisis will leave the fluff in the ground,Deeply affect their interests,I really can’t care.,How many bubbles created in these years have been well known?,Once you go out,It also means that power will be very huge。
therefore,How to avoid careful foam crash,Become a problem that many Wall Street giant began to discuss,A few people are considering how to drag legs,Do they have too much earnings before,It’s already a problem.,Otherwise, it is not much with Chen Linzhi.,Hand also hold a lot of empty warehouses。
In fact, there is already agency to actively contact the joint private equity fund.,Willing to premium to buy Chen Linzhi held empty single contract,Some people try directly to contact Chen Linzhi,Unfortunately, he flew in the sky.,Even the satellite phone is not very easy to use,It was shut down by him.。
Multi-single a timed bomb,Empty single,Become the fragrance of investors in the eyes of investors。
Just take the flight at Chen Linzhi,Soros still stayed in Tokyo,Already open champagne to celebrate the profits in the morning。
A lot of Americans in deep worries,Mainly high-grade,These years are in the peak period,External hidden dangers gradually weakened,Internally there is a large number of large-producing groups in countries around the world。
In recent years, the currency depreciation is fast.,Bank interest rates continue to decrease,The stock market is very good.,A large number of families will store funds in the stock market,With foreign investors,A super bubble in the stock market。
Combined with the Asia Pacific stock market,And the US stocks last week,Many people have begun to panic,Plus a group of experts can’t wait to sing out,Seriously analyze how big,They realize how dangerous。
Financial practitioners worry,Be more embarrassed,They are used to staring before their eyes,But don’t want to earn more。
End of the impulse period,One by one, returning to reason,I’m thinking about the stock of stocks as soon as possible.。
NS328chapter financial crisis
The businesses of multinational financial giants are spread all over the world.,Not US stocks do not open the city, they are safe and sound,The loss of these financial wealth management institutions has begun.。
As of the Asia-Pacific region,Many companies、Institutions begin to habitually hug,The United States has a long history of consortium,They know that everyone picks up firewood,Only in cooperation in cooperation can maximize the interests。
The loss has lost,The current problem is how to further reduce the loss。
Even I know that the current stock market is water.,But as long as you can support it,It is best to stand,Leave them to continue to find the opportunity to pick up,Mainly for yourself,Not what is a good person?,Try to save the US economy。
In fact,Most of the top rich people have already ran,The most worried need to add a batch of people to see more。
So ago, some international transfer entered the US Securities Trading Market,There is also a large number of large-class middle classics in the United States.,Gave the rich and influential opportunities for the rich people。
Maybe these rich people have money,But my eyes are not,Who can let them have money?,There is always a smart financial consultant is willing to make a claim,Take the opportunity to show the existence of existence in front of them,There are more water in the stock market to become a marine sea.,People who see problems are actually a lot。
The outside world is always sentenced to accidents every time,In fact, it is not。
There is no trace that has the ability to run.,Those who are harvested are still trapped in the market.。
As a main force for helping customers,Public fund owners have retreats two difficulties,Some small speeds have long been running,The management fund is too large, it is easy to end.。
But the bubble is foam after all.,Even the so-called big fall,In many people, it seems that it is only lost to the bubble.,Especially for your own money,Just help others care,I don’t care too much,Anyway, the wool is always growing.,Waiting for one, etc.。
So not only Chen Linzhi is a smart person.,Smart people are actually very many,So-called“Save the market”In conversation,Also doped into the interests of many parties,It’s hard to truly work together。
If you really have a heart,Financial bubble is actually controllable,But because the presence of foam is beneficial to many financial institutions,Before the fall, the stockholders also like it.,This leads to an emergence of another financial crisis,From essentially,Root in greed。
Carnival, believes in the insiders,From last year,It’s already over now.,Encounter financial crisis,It is not surprising to everyone in Wall Street.。
Take a clutter,Chen Linzhi is also a member of the premium bag for the people in Anna.,His strength is dare to kill a horse,I use a lot of funds to gamble stock market crashes。