“I don’t want you,Hand over Zong Xueqin,Pick me three swords。”

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“Hahaha,Kid,Did you put it alone?。”Canaan Luo sneered,“do not forget,There is a huge gap between us,Don’t think that you have defeated a few hairy boys,Can fight me?”
It’s really strong above Rank 5,Xia Chenglong admits this。
but……Nothing is absolute,He also believes in a saying,It’s the same under the gods。
Strong and strong,Not invincible。
“I can try。”
“it is good!”Canaan Luo clap his hands,“It’s really a hero,Let me see today,What is your ability to run wild with me?”
Said so much nonsense,Is for respect,Naturally not necessary at the moment。
Do not move,Move to the thunderbolt。
The opponent is above the fifth rank,Even a master who is only one step away from asking the gods,Xia Chenglong was not stupid enough to just raise his fist and rush over。
From the beginning of the first step,The dragon flashes in the chest,The eyes become long-lost golden,There is a faint dragon scale on the body。
The five elements aura is attached to Zanglong,Even without martial arts,Random swing,Enough to make the Transcendent Realm have no resistance。
At this moment, he has the strongest power。
Body disappears,And appeared in the sky before Canaan Luo,Zanglong went to the opponent’s chest。
Canaan Luo backhanded out the green steel sword from the storage ring,Sword and sword intertwined,Sparks,Make harsh sounds。
One move blocked,Turn over, Zanglong goes from bottom to top,Canaan Luo jumped high,The two swords are still entangled,Seem stalemate。