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Buyiyi didn’t actually care about the harassment。
She made meager,And started his busy work。
Buyiyi has been so busy recently。
On the one hand, she has to deal with the major advertisers。
《Huan Zhu Ge Ge2》After coming out,There are at least fifty or sixty advertisers looking for her,Including day.Korean,And Southeast Asia,There are more than a dozen international-level。
In order to pick the best、The best、The best,It’s not just Lai Haijin to check,She has to make a decision。
on the other hand,The most important thing for Buyiyi is to do《Daming Palace Ci》Early planning。
《Daming Palace Ci》Shen Huan gave Buyiyi,Even suggested she be a producer by herself。
21Sui is the producer of a blockbuster TV series,And father is not Yang Feng,Not Zheng Qian,Buyiyi is really good enough。
Of course this is also the reason why her man is strong。
Buyiyi has the hotness of a mountain girl,Since you dare to let me do,I will do it seriously。
therefore,Buyiyi was looking for two people recently。
The first one is of course《Daming Palace Ci》Director of,The other is an actress who plays Wu Zetian。
The importance of two people,Directly decided《Daming Palace Ci》Success or failure。
As a court drama,《Daming Palace Ci》Need a lot of things。
The script is definitely the most important,And Shen Huan wrote《Daming Palace Ci》The script is so good that Bu Yiyi worships,I want to ride my own man again,To express your excitement and admiration。