“You don’t know who i am and why are you killing me?”

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If someone else knows this, he will vomit blood again,Just because of intuition,Completely unreasonable existence。
“it is good,Even intuition,Then you think it’s better to kill me after figuring out the cause of the matter, or to kill me in such a muddle!”
“Doesn’t matter!”
Murong Qianxue said another extremely powerful existence,The average person will inevitably choose the latter,But women’s thinking is different from normal people。
The sword is nearly half an inch from the center of the eyebrows,Can’t escape now,Either try to convince the other person,Or be a dead soul under the sword。
“Actually do you know why you feel to me?”The beginning of Xia Chenglong’s instinct:“in fact,You loved me very much before you were disappointed,Because of family reasons,I left you,That’s why you hate me so much。”
Murong Qianxue is remembering,Is what the man in front of me said true,It’s just that the pictures flashing in my mind are too fragmented to be connected into pictures。
Quietly attic,Fuqin,Make wine,the man,The pictures you can think of are similar to what the man described,Do you really have a relationship with each other?
“You can give yourself a chance,Or think about it,Wait for a clear idea,How about killing me again after these love?”
Xia Chenglong was a little surprised,He actually said a lot today,Maybe it’s because they are destined to bear many Murong’s blood feuds,That’s why I don’t want to deepen this hatred。
Sword down,Murong Qianxue also felt that today’s shot was a bit abrupt,But not regret。
“it is good,I will remember everything,Then killed you!”