Yi Lin is born,Perhaps the eldest son brought her a happy joy for the first time.,Gu Mu still loves Gu Yi。

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Lu Haocheng took a deep breath,Go directly to the supermarket food area to find Blue Xin。
Some envy,Fortune favors fools!I don’t need to worry about my wife. 。
Far away,I saw Blue Xin chatting with a woman.。
Lu Haozheng,Tough,Why is she here?
Blue Xinqi,In fact, it is also very unexpected.。
When she took her milk,Just good health also takes milk,Two people suddenly view each other,Have a surprised。
Blue Xin looked at the belly,A few months no,She is actually pregnant。
Man standing behind her is a foreign man,Bi blue eyes,Three-dimensional facial features,Wearing a sky blue trousers,Brunette short-sleeved shirt,Tall and sexy,Laughing laughing in Blue Xinyou。
“Tough,you are married?”
Blue Xin is a bit surprised to fall on her slightly breeze。
This is too fast.。
She really wanted to meet the Qiqi in Jiangyue, since last year.,I have never seen her.。
“Yes,He is my husband,I am going to see my parents.,The two meet,Later, both parents were very satisfied.,We are married.,Not long time, I just pregnant。”
Qi language is flexible。
Blue Xin is sincerely congratulations,No matter what happened in the past,In the past, the past has passed。
NS1831chapter No courage to face him
Qi smiled,Quietly watching Blue Xin with short hair。
Looking at a lot more than her actual age,Dye,Skin is more white。
“thanks!Short hair is very suitable for you。”
Blue Xin also laughed。
Qi looked at her husband behind her.,“We still have something to do at night.,I’m leaving。”
Blue Xin smiles,I feel that she has changed a lot.,Nothing is not an accounting,But peace of mind and relieved,Also seeing people’s fans。
There is also a glorious。
Qi took a few steps,I look back and look at Blue Xin,Laugh:“Blue Xin,sorry,I used to be too naive.,Hurt you。”
“In fact, I have always wanted to see the Xixi,Unfortunately, I have no courage to face him.,I am to him,Is not able to obeys,Not love。”
“See him,Trouble you help me tell him,I’m doing very well,There is also something that is sorry.!That time made him very hard,A car accident,If I can understand it later,There will be no such thing.。”
Blue Xinyu,“I saw him,Will talk to him。”
Qi is smiling and turned,not far away,Her husband came over,Her waist,I laughed again and laughed again.,Two people go to the party。
“Blue,Isn’t that Qi??
Is there anything you are welcome to you?。”
Lu Haocheng stood around her。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,Lift,Looking at him is very bad,She laughed:“no,Qi is married,Married a foreigner,And it has already had a few months of pregnancy.。”
Lu Hao Cheng did not expect,Qi will give up Le Zhenxi easily。
It seems not true love.!“Yes,I have never thought of,Qi will marry so quickly,But still want to congratulate her,Who is a life??”