“Sit on the well,Sit on the well,We are all sitting in the well watching the sky。”

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“Yunzi must win,I don’t want to be a slave,I don’t want to be a slave!”
How many people from the Li family and Nan family once expressed their opinions in the clan association,Let Wutu become the slave land of the Zulong city-state,Let them build the city tirelessly,Paving stones for them day and night,Let them be dead men on the battlefield……
But now,The thought that this fate would fall on each of them,Almost collapsed wailing。
First112chapter Step on it again
Gigi Lai against everyone,Forcing everyone to lose this low-hanging fruit,Therefore, some people present secretly went to Li Ying、Kong Tong、Some stand in Nan Tai Gong’s camp。
right now,They just want to slap themselves hard!
Without them secretly obstructing,The scale of Li Yunzi’s military and guard can be larger than now,And this battle can also have more chances of winning。
Lai Yunzi stayed for a while,Also good!
When Li Yunzi put forward the idea of precaution,,They all think Li Yunzi is crazy。
How can we take Wutu as an example,Fancy that there may be a stronger civilization in the fog of the sea of nothingness!
The more I think, the more regretful,If you can travel through time and space,They will beat their stupid self!
“Since there are so many forces as strong as the sky,How did the military guard Li Yunzi resist?,It’s nothing more than a struggle。”Mr. Wu long sighed。