Even Yang Zhi has to admit that what Qiangzi said is right。

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“I never thought that anyone in this world is omnipotent,Who is invincible,But since we got Xiaoyun this girl,My opinion has changed,I think she is the one who can lead us to omnipotence,An invincible godlike existence。”
Qin Liang’s praise of Liu Xiaoyun has reached this height!
“But hasn’t he been defeated by your boss before?。”
Qiangzi said with a wry smile。
“That was because she was restricted by the environment and external conditions at that time,Can’t fully release her energy,Can’t fully use all her skills,if not,I can’t beat her!And I will remind you a few more:No one is allowed to mention Liu Xiaoyun’s past,Don’t mention it anytime。”
Qin Liang answered seriously……
If Liu Xiaoyun could hear this conversation between Qin Liang and the others,I heard what everyone said about her,I don’t know how I feel in my heart。
“Dapeng spread its wings,Also have to ride the wind,No wind,Even if Dapeng has great ability, it is useless。”
Zhao Tuo made another final comment。
“So Xiaoyun is now a golden-winged roc soaring above nine days,Do not!Dapeng is male,Xiaoyun should be Phoenix,And it’s the phoenix reborn after Nirvana。”
Okay,Qin Liang praised Liu Xiaoyun,Can you praise it any more?
“Boss,Phoenix is a pair,Feng is also male,Huang is a female。”
Qiangzi deliberately picked Qin Liang’s language problem。