“Li captain,People, I brought you.。”

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After entering the room,Ye is gentle to open the door,“Summer,This is the Sanjiao Law Enforcement Hall, Li Xiuqi,He wants to find you to understand the situation。”
She introduces Li Xixi,“He is summer。”
“Hello,Mr. Xia,Three-education,Li Xiuqi, deputy director of law enforcement。”
Three new law enforcement halls,Li Xiuqi’s look is examined in a tall eyes.。
Just,Let him have not thought that the accident is,Opposite this guy is just a glance.,Nothing,Just nodding slightly。
Immediately,Li Xiuqi’s face is gloomy。
Summer has never had a habit of cold buttocks,What’s more, the other party is obviously not friendly。
I nodded is already enough to face the face.,Don’t say what he is a law enforcement,That is the so-called Liu Zi.,What he did is only。
“Mr. Xia,Let’s go with me.,”
Li Xunqi is clear,Some tone is not good,“About the tragedy of Shengshi Resort,Need to find you to understand the situation。”
“Okay.。”Summer free spit out two words is respond。
Li Xiuzhen cold,Turn away。
Summer hurtered,In the morning, I arrived from Longcheng.,I haven’t been there and have a rest.,I am a little sleep now.。
“Summer。”Leaves are gentle and low-sounding channels。
“What happened?”
“Be careful。”Leaves are soft and uniform,“Although the three education is not official organization,But after all, it is the product after the various big military martial arts.,Usually often cooperate with our nine……Do you understand what I mean??”
“Rest assured,I won’t make trouble。”
Speech,Take a step forward,Take a few steps,Swift,“The premise is that they don’t actively provoke me.。”
Narrate,Ye is soft,Want to say,Finally, a sigh。
She didn’t follow it。
After a few people downstairs,The two sides are separated.。
About 40 minutes later,Summer standing in front of Shengshi Resort。
This makes him some unexpected。
Here is one of the famous sightseeing tourist attractions in Qinghai.,In order to attract passenger flow,The building and pattern here is unique。
The resort is an ancient architectural group built in a house.,Far away,From time to time, you can see the pavilions of the brick old wood.。
The floor of the floor here is active,Foot enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people,The wall is also a green brick pile,Not only thick,And give people a feeling of quaintness。
All in all,Look at it,巍 空,Magnificent。
Same,The industry that belongs to the three colleagues。
But since then,I have already closed the door here.,Inside a cold and clear。
Li Xunqi headed chest,Match eight steps,Show your own momentum。
Summer is looking at the eyes,A leisure posture。
“Mr. Xia,You should come next time.,What is it feeling??”