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Their appearance,I originally attracted the second floor,After seeing this scene,Someone sent an exclamation immediately。
Scream,Some people are frightened to hide under the table and chairs,And some people hugged their heads on the ground,Some people still take care of everything.。
There are also a few people……Different。
One of them is burly and strong,Open mouth,Teeth,Cruel laugh。
“Hybrid,Grandpa waiting for you for a long time.。”
His waist is one model,There is a steel tube like black black in hand.,Under a smoker,Steel pipe extension,Just in the moment it became a black spear.。
Several people are like this,In an instant to draw a spear,Magical shadow flash。
At the same time, the sound of。
“Old two,Don’t want to eat eating。”
“that is,Laozi endured an afternoon in this ghost,Dudible egg pain。”
“The guy I know,His name is Taro,Is a poisonous person,No one wants to grab me with me,He belongs to me.。”
“roll!he’s mine!”Mr.!
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Sudden scene,Let the second floor more confusing。
Shura’s appearance,Naturally, it also caught the attention of poisonous scorpion。
Just when they are slightly stopped,One face change。
In the field of view,Eight tall and healthy,The arm is rough, like a baby’s head,Hand-held spear,Or vertical or leap,Leave a debris。
And the momentum and pressure sensation they have broke out,Just a moment, let all poisonous scorpion members caught in despair.。
“not good!”
“God level!”
“they are……build……”
No one can describe the scene of this electric flash。
Insert,Everyone seems to have only seen the charge of an ancient knight.,I saw the two guys hit that the cold light flashed.。
Next second。
A group of blood flowers bloom,Fluffy。
Then……There’s no after that……
Including the poisonous scorpion member named Taro,All have violent,Died。
Dead,Their face and eyes,Both full of frightening look。
This is too fast.,In addition to the limited number of people to resist a few times,The rest is almost a spike in an instant。
The confusion spread to the first floor,Numerous guests have watched,With the scream of the woman’s high decibel,Let the scene become a pot of porridge。
Population,A strong man runs down one side,Use radio reports,“boss,Go away,Ambush!”
Outer luxury car,Old Joe, a smile, a big change,“Fax,This is a trap……”