Wu Yue is still by his side。

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He sighed。
It doesn’t feel good to be stuck on a dog skin plaster。
He really wants to tell this person:Brother, don’t stare at me,I have no threat……
But he also knew that what he said was unconvincing,After all, Luo Kai is missing from the Dongchuan Middle School team this year,He can’t use Luo Kai as his shield。Secondly, he scored seven goals in the current Anton Cup,Currently ranked second in the Anton Cup scorer list,First place in Dongchuan Middle School team。
This kind of performance says he has no threat,No matter how thick Hu Lai’s skin is, I can’t say it……
See Hu Lai sigh,A triumphant expression appeared on Wu Yue’s face,He couldn’t help but teased:“how?Why don’t you chat this time?”
Hu Lai glanced at him:“Don’t be speculative。”
at this time,He saw Hu Lai dash out suddenly!
He didn’t have time to think about what happened,His body’s conditioned reflexes let him follow。But he is still a little slower——Just when he arrived,Hu Lai has received the ball from Xia Xiaoyu!
Wu Yue secretly applauded risk!If it is not fast,I’m afraid I was fooled by this kid again……
He posted it quickly,At the same time, shoulder force,Toward Hulai。
This is the way to compete in defense,Don’t use your hands directly,Foul。To avoid suspicion,Even put his hands behind him,Lest the referee call him foul。
But he is not like the previous confrontations with Hu Lai,Easily push Hu Lai away。
This guy who looks so weak,Open arms,While maintaining his balance, one hand is still resting on his chest。
Not only did he not get pushed away by himself,And also shot!