Director Huang immediately smiled happily。

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“What are you doing!It sounds like I eat in addition to eating!Am I so boring!Really is……Brother-in-law,You don’t feel sick, I feel sick a few times a day, right??Why are you so bad!”
Liu Xiaoyun was said to be shy,This is a shame,So coquettishly began to attack Qin Liang。
“How can i have!How could I deliberately disgust you?I just flattered and didn’t shoot well,Hahahaha……”
Qin Liang found himself a step down。
“Brother-in-law,You seem to be a regular flatterer,So now I very much doubt your motive for flattering,I think you deliberately used a guise of flattering,And play with us!”
Yang Shiyun“Hit the nail on the head”Pierced Qin Liang’s trick。
“No no no!That’s definitely not!Where do I have the guts!All of you are so good,I don’t dare to play with you even if I have a hundred guts,Isn’t that the rhythm of your own death??Do you think i’m so stupid?”
Qin Liang hurriedly defended himself with a guilty conscience。
“You are not stupid,Are you benzene??Every time you want to fish in troubled waters, secretly ridicule by flattering,Sarcasm,Laugh at us,Is always seen through by us,Just a little bit nasty about you,I want to know with my toes,Humph!”
Liu Xiaoyun said in a disdainful tone……
“I’m wrong!I’m more wronged than Dou E!plum,Quickly see if it snows outside!I guess I have suffered such a big injustice,There must be heavy goose feathers in the sky outside!”
Qin Liang pretended to cry out loud!
“No,Not only did it not snow outside,And the sun is shining,Sunny,Haha!”Meizi said mischievously。
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