“but,Since this is the case,Why she never gets married?Moreover,Why do you want to decide when you see her?——”Peng Changyi said with regret and dissatisfaction。

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Jiang Fan sat down,Lit a cigarette,Peng Changyi found his movements are very skilled,It seems that he has learned to smoke for some time,And have some addiction。
Jiang Fan took a sharp breath,Said:“Changyi,I’m past the impulsive age long ago,Since she promised her father back then,Since she already has a sweetheart,I won’t pester her anymore。She’s not young anymore,Thirty,She should have her own life,There should be someone of the same age to love her,I delayed her too much……”
“but,but……”Peng Changyi spent a long time,nor“but”What happened,Maybe,Ding Yi really has other people in his heart?
but,One thing Peng Changyi can be sure of,Even if Ding Yi really has other people in his heart,He believes Jiang Fan is still her favorite,just,Jiang Fan has to work hard,after all,Ping Jiang Fan like this,If you want to pursue Ding Yi again,Ding Yi’s understanding,It takes process and time。
Thinking of Peng Changyi and said:“in fact,Several times I wanted to explain the real reason to Ding Yi,But you were so determined to keep this secret,and so,I can’t tell her,If she knew the real reason,She will come back to you。”
Jiang Fan smiled bitterly,Said:“Can’t let her know,you think,After her mother died,father,Is her only relative,Is her favorite,But his father personally broke her love,Can she forgive her father?I don’t want to cause a rift between their father and daughter because of me,Moreover,When his father found me,The two of us agreed,I was really irrational and arrogant,Change to you,You will do that too,This is the most basic responsibility of a man。”
Yes,Change to Peng Changyi,Peng Changyi would do the same,A loved one,crucial moment,I can give up even my love,What can’t you do for your lover?
Maybe,This topic is too heavy,They turned the topic to Wang Yuan’s case,It’s late,but,They don’t have the slightest sleepiness。Peng Changyi has already decided not to go home and sleep,One is that he didn’t say hello to Shen Fang,For fear of being criticized by Shen Fang again,Maybe I’m going to lock myself out again,I remember the last time I returned to Sanyuan in the middle of the night,He feels palpitations,Know that you are driving the car alone,Walking on the steep winding road,What a panic;Second, he also wants to chat with Jiang Fan all night。They talked a lot,Talked about the current political situation,Chatted with Jinan,Talked about Sanyuan,Talked about Kangzhou,Also talked a lot about people and things,The pleasure of talking in the past,Back to two people again。
Seeing coming soon12Clicked,Peng Changyi’s phone rang suddenly,He took out and saw that it was the phone at home,I felt that Shen Fang must know that she was back,Just call him,He was ashamed of his not going home just now,Talk to Jiang Fan:“At home,I didn’t tell my family that I’m back。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Motion him to answer the phone。
Peng Changyi pressed the answer button,just“Hey”With a,I heard the cry of daughter Nana from inside:
“father,Why do you all care about me?I’m so scared?”
Peng Changyi,“bass”Stand up from the sofa,Said:“Nana,what happened?Don’t worry,Tell dad,What happened?”
Nana sobbed:“father,I’m dreaming,very scary,father,Come back soon……”
Peng Changyi said:“obedient,Not afraid,Where’s mom,Go find mom,Go sleep with mom。”
Nana cried more happily,Said:“Mother’s work,Haven’t come back yet,father,I am afraid,So scared……”
“what,Mother hasn’t come back yet?it is good、it is good、it is good,obedient,Not afraid,Dad is back,Dad will be home in two minutes,You wait,Waiting for dad,You will hear Dad opening the door in a while,Turn on the light in your house,Don’t be afraid to turn on the light。”