“Blogger,it’s your turn。”

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Gan Pei Guiyu looked at the blogger and said。
“I do not mind。”
Future blogger said。
“And I,Me too.Doesn’t matter.”
Hua Huo raised her little hand and said。
“it is good!Since everyone is fine,Then it’s decided to be Oshe Maru。”
So many people in the organization,Plus Dashewan was seriously injured,This time, I will be able to successfully kill Dashewan and get a 50 million yuan bounty,Jiao Du seems to have seen the hill of fifty million yuan beckoning to himself。
Otonin Village。
“This is Otonin Village。”
Jiaodu said while walking in Otonin Village。
“Is this the village formed by Dashemaru??I can’t see anyone at all,This can also be counted as Ninja Village?”
Ganpei the ghost shark said next to Itachi Uchiha,“Do you have any battle plan?”
“Just deal with an injured Oshawan,What battle plan is needed。”Jiao Du said,Then he looked at the fireworks behind the future blogger and said,“But this kid,Don’t give us a hindrance,Otherwise, I will kill you together。”