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Lin Feng and the runts have seen people to loard a breath.。
“it is good,Since you come,I will give you a face.,go!”Xianqi Mountain is cold,I immediately left people.。
“Thank you!”
Lin Feng and the ruinessed rush and went to laugh。
“Don’t thank me,This time you do your luck.,Let me find me。”The soul of the gods faintly glanced from Lin Feng Road:“It will not luck this next time.。”
“I don’t know what I am looking for me.?”Lin Feng suspected。
“Your own thing,Is there a Ling treasure that can record a picture??”The soul of the soul is deeply eye-catching。
Lin Feng heard that there is a ridiculous feeling,Nima,A mobile phone is said to be a spiritual treasure.,How much this thing is,There is a lot of pile in Lingbao space.。
Lin Feng took out his mobile phone between talking。
“good,This is this weird spiritual treasure,strangeness,Energy fluctuations are so weak?”Plock the soul:“I can purchase time and space.,Open price。”
“forget it,Send you a。”Lin Feng’s light flashed,A mobile phone is coming out。
At the same time, a pile of batteries fly out。
The soul is awkward。
“I teach you,You remember。”Lin Feng is a simple explanation of this mobile phone.。
“strangeness,What did you have any baby before the god??”After the soul heard it, he stunned.。
“The battery is finished.,It’s okay.。”Lin Feng directly。
“it is good,Thank Linfu,The Magic Hall of the Pavilion went to the nine auction.,This is a token,Otherwise you can’t find her.。”God,Between him, he handed directly to Lin Feng a gold token.。
Gold token is engraved with three words。
Lin Feng looked at this card:“I need this token to enter Jiuqu?”
“Of course, I don’t need nine peacekeeping,However, it is necessary to enter the high-end store in Jiuqu auction.。”Wild dismissal explanation:“Generally, all churches are eligible to have,Of course, you must let the Jiu Hou owner personally issued,Because the owner behind the nine auction is him,Few, someone transferred the ninegest order。”
“Unfortunately,Why is this gone transfer to me??”Lin Feng heard the confusion。
“May thank the ghost thing,Owner,In fact, not all races can’t see people.,As long as you show strength,Will be respectful,No strength,I am afraid that you are born for twelve forces.。”Absolutely avoided:“In the same year, there were many twelve perspectives.。”
“It’s also,let’s go!”
Lin Feng heard his words, let the ruined and no way to go to Jiuqu’s auction.,Jiufang auction line is not far from here,Several breathing time came to a hill sky。
Floating a palace among the void,Reputable a large word of a flash。
Lin Feng and the unique figure walk into the palace,There is another world in the palace.,Turn into nine-layer space,The ninth floor space is an ancient street,It is like the same thing in the world.,There are many people who come and go.。
“A small amount of ten-party clean water!”
“A small amount of ten square fire!”
“A large number of nine flame god supplies!”
“I have a nine-in-law here.,Can increase the opportunity to enter the second step。” “Xuanhuang blood a gourd!”
One of the strong people here put the stall,Drink here,Let Lin Feng have a ridiculous feel in an instant,Like returning to the dust,However, this is not covered by this stall.。
Each has a high-level reflection,At least the emperor,There is also a pseudocence level,Even some breaths are deeper。
“This person is so much?”Lin Feng looked at。