Meizi said rudely,Where is the little lady like,Not to mention that it is as poetic as her name。

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“Old Wind Warbler,Yufei plum,Noon Yin Jiashu Qingyuan。Near Dibei Mountain,Yirunfei furnace smoke,People are quiet and happy,Outside the bridge,Fresh green gradually,Ping Lanjiu,Yellow reed,Suspicious Pan Jiujiang Ship。”
“Every year like a swallow,Rafting the Hanhai,Come to repair the rafters。And Mo Si outside,Chang Jin Zun Qian。Haggard Jiangnan tired customer,Unbearable,Anxious。Song chupan,Xian An Pillow,Let me sleep when drunk。Hahahaha……”
“Skin monkey”I opened my mouth and recited a song and“plum”Related poems,Everyone was stunned.,Even Liu Xiaoyun and Yang Shiyun looked at each other,Surprised inexplicably!
“I rely on!Boss,This kid also understands ancient poetry!”
Yang Zhi exclaimed in a low voice!
“I have a hasty!I didn’t see it!This bastard is awesome!”
Qin Liang is equally unbelievable。
Yang Zhi was convinced and admired。
“What do you want to say?”
Liu Xiaoyun has limited education,This can stump her,She has no idea“Skin monkey”What do you mean,But she doesn’t care about revealing her ignorance in this regard,But to ask calmly。
“Oh,It’s nothing,I’m just lamenting that my life experience is drifting away,I just want to seek self-liberation like the author。”
“Skin monkey”Nonchalant answer。
“I can’t see that you still have this ability,Then you are better than me,I’m no different from an idiot in this respect。”
Liu Xiaoyun said quite admiringly……Liu Xiaoyun’s biggest regret,I didn’t go to school well when I was young,So the cultural aspect has always been her flaw,Also for this reason,So she admires and admires the educated people,As a result,“Skin monkey”In her heart, she has raised a lot of goodwill

“Skin monkey”I didn’t mean to show off my talent,He just happened to know Meizi’s name,I immediately thought of this poem in my mind,So I read it smoothly,It just so happens that the artistic conception of this poem and his own mood are very close。
But anyway,“Skin monkey”This time I give you another one“Surprise”,Several sisters from the Shen family are starting to look at him seriously。
“That’s nothing,Take your mind,Just read more books in this area,Up to a year,You can come with open mouth。”