“Don’t ask men if they can!!”Huai Ye poor one sentence。

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“I am your sister,I can ask you if it works。”Baby Ou directly go back,“You slow down,If you fall me,Deduct your pocket money!!”
Huaiye drives an electric car,Have been on hot search,It was Reuters and tidbits of filming at that time。Although not unusual,But the production team still likes this material,Especially Huaiye is the little emperor。It is clear,This is the first time the little empress saw this kind of car and got in。
Baby Ou didn’t even know where he was going to support。She was sitting on the luggage,But Huaiye said it was too high,Not safe,Let her sit directly in the car。Baby Ou is not too dirty,Just sit down,Still stop her,Take off your clothes,Pad under,“Cool。”Ou Baobao thanked,But more disturbed,It’s not safe to sit too high???
Huaiye put the small square on his neck next,Wrap Ou Baobao around your hands,“Just hold on to the side,It’s okay。”It’s not summer yet,The weather is pretty good,The imperial capital is windy at this time,But it’s really comfortable when there is no wind。but,Sweat easily if you move too much。Wearing half sleeves in Huaiye,Outside is a single,I tied a small square around my neck,If it’s windy, I can pull it up to make a mask,Be colder,It also has a little warmth。
It’s almost noon now,Naturally heats up,In addition, Huaiye’s excitement about driving an electric car,I really can’t wear a jacket。But I really took it off to cushion Ou Baobao。
Baby Ou wants to take off his jacket too,But Huaiye didn’t let it go,“There are many bugs here,You dress,If I bite you, it’s over。”
Although not afraid of bugs,But Baby Ou doesn’t want to be bitten either,Just dress up。in fact,It’s also because Ou Baobao saw the excitement of Huaiye,Even more nervous.
What are you excited about?
Baby Ou always has a bad feeling。
Facts are also true,With the voice prompt of the electric car,Huaiye opened up。That speed,how to say,Huaiye feels that he is already trying to control the speed,But baby Ou still feels the wind in his ears.
Fortunately, the cement road is very smooth,It’s a little bit uphill,But this is the uphill road,Baby Ou’s ears are full of wind,I want to open a lot of wild。
Safe to the homestay,Baby Ou’s hair is messed up。