The crowd began to praise!

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But the three little beauties didn’t laugh,Because Shen Ruoxue just called Yang Shiyun and Liu Xiaoyun to look at the paper with her……What is written on the paper is;I know where the person you are looking for,my phone;xxxxxxxxxxx,Don’t tell the police!
“Little brother,Who gave you this paper?Where are others?”
Yang Shiyun immediately asked the male student gently。
“Oh,That person!”
The male student turned his face and pointed,But found that the man just disappeared!
“Yeah……He is gone!”
The male student said in surprise……When the fat man saw that Shen Ruoxue and the boy started talking,Already turned and left。
“Oh,It’s ok,thank you,Little brother。”
Shen Ruoxue reached out and patted the male student on the shoulder,Turned and walked back,Yang Shiyun and Liu Xiaoyun also followed her。
Shen Ruoxue reached out for the phone,Dialed the phone number on the paper,After a while,The call is connected。
“Hey,you are?”
A man’s voice on the phone asked。