Under the guidance of Saito,Kohumang came to the shrine hidden in the snowlin.。

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“It’s this.,Take a few steps,I can see a little shrine.,Leave only a few square meters of worship,When it is a small pavilion。”Saito fingers finger
“Be small in this way,Also called the shrine?”The department looked at the steps that extended from the snow.,Suddenly there is a kind of empty feelings。
“Eight millions of gods,There is always a place where,Can you see wild hidden in the roadside??”Saito said,One foot is moving on the steps。
The two people go up with the steps,Although heavy snow covers everything here,But still can see the outline of the stairs on the ground。
At the beginning, I also worry that I can not keep up.,But the facts prove that he still thinks more,Saito’s physical strength,Take the snow。
Maybe this is http://www.superca.cnthe effect of Yong Shi Longzhu,Plus some odd blame props curative effect,Let him have a rich energetic force。
Go on the snow,A small bird is in front of the eye,The mottled wooden is dusty.,Like an old door。
But this bird is also really short.,Two meters high,Jumping up gently and touching it.,It is the same thing.。
But this bird is no plaque。
Hide,Come to the half-mountain waist of Xuelin,A pocket-like worship appears in front,The stairs before the temple were overwhelmed in the snow。
Also have a dry hand,Decoction money box,A hemp rope is sliding from above the top of the house,I don’t know how to pull it.,Can you want to ring a ringtone?。
As for which god is served here,Have to know。
It is indeed like Saito.,Compared to regular shrine,It is like a wild hood that is placed on the side of the wilderness road.,I have some waiting for the temple.,Occasionally, the good people have a few fruits in front of it.。
Keeong moved to this sleeve,Watching over the surrounding balm,It seems that I want to feel something here.。
The wind is far from the sky,Snowfall from the branches,This is the only sound here,It is also the only thing that is the only thing.。
It’s here.。
Although the point of interest,There is no other thing,
Describe with metaphysics,It is he feels that,There are some special things here.。
Buds jitter。
Friction between snowflakes。
Air flow。
Those unbeatable nature sounds in his deep sense,Zhou is like a vibrant forest。
Since defeating,After getting a skillful skill,His listening has also become stronger,But it is limited to the listening effects of metaphysics。
He came to wash hands,Although there is no water,But still symbolizes ice in the hand,Glow。
This feeling,Refreshment。
Then I came to the front of the house.,I pulled the knot before the temple,I really pass the ringtone。
Sypics in the tribute box5Dollar coin,Send a crisp。
Can hear sound,Explanation here is not quantum mechanics。
Finally, it is a two-handed ten posture that plays an equivalent exchange.,Make progress。
But even finish the process,Did not change。
This time,Just need to trigger the volume to trigger the volume,But it is very unhappy,Recently, there is really no such thing in hand.,I have to find a place to brush one。
“This place,What kind of creation is??”Cooperative。
“I am not a professional folklore,How can I know these things?,But here is also one of the cultural relics protection objectives.,Maybe some years,But there should be no allusion,Watch it as a small attraction that is bound to the ski resort。”Saito is like。
“Then you come here.,What did you want to do?,Should not just think that a next list will be able to win a wishes.。”Saito said。
“All said,Focus on studying exotic culture,And I really want to wish you wish,I will also make a wishes of the dragon.,怼 怼 名 战 战 许 许 许 许,That’s not cost-effective.。”