“But why does mom say you are not humble??”Nana still hasn’t forgotten this。

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This one,Peng Changyi can’t tell,He has never been affirmed by Shen Fang anyway,Just said:“This problem??I can’t tell,Then I have to ask your mother,But one thing is certain,That is, no matter how well Dad does,Can’t meet your mother’s requirements。”
“Because she never really appreciated dad,Or put it like this,She never knew how to appreciate dad,But you must never tell mom this,Then I can bear it,Did you hear?”
Seeing dad’s face,Nana smiled,Said:“why?”
Peng Changyi deliberately stared at his daughter,Say:“Why do you say,She will do everything she can to quarrel with me next time we meet。”
“Haha,But I still want to ask why?”
Peng Changyi sighed,Speak calmly:“because,Your mother only recognizes one thing in her life,That’s hurting me、hit me,Plus look down on me,Before God let her give birth,Just send her this,So she must complete this task,Otherwise she’ll be fine,Will be idle、Bored!”
Peng Changyi gritted his teeth at the end!
“Haha。”Nana laughed happily,Said:“Dad,You are so interesting!”
Peng Changyi sighed,Said:“Yes,Dad, I’m telling the truth,Dad rarely quarrels with others,Won’t quarrel with others,But it’s over as soon as I meet your mother,Noisy, noisy,So from when you were a child to now,I saw that we were arguing all the time,right?”
Nana says:“Yes yes yes,But grandma told me last night,Say you two quarreled,But still very good,You don’t care about your family,Always drink outside,But can make money,Capable。Mom earns less money,But she takes care of the family,Gu child,Will live,Always tidy up the house,If two people don’t care about the family or both of them take care of the family too much,Have a bad day,So you two are the most suitable couple。”
“Oh,This is what grandma told you?”Peng Changyi’s nerves are tense。
“What did grandma tell you??”