He is a war hero,Now it has become a horse in the night tea.,Night is naturally uncomfortable。

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“You are still in revenge.,I’m thinking about your benefactor.?
These things you can be completely called ordinary people,Remark me this big hero。”
Night 哉 throws a towel in your hand,Looking at the quiet brilliant night,I don’t have it.。
“According to the little girl of the water shadow,Your so-called big hero,It’s just nothing to eat on your home every day.?
And although I don’t want to recognize,Compared to those who will only have some mixed humans,You still have a bit strength,In addition to fighting, you can act as a sorrowful guard。”
Castle wooden brilliant night,I’m calmly。
During this time, life in fog hidden village,Really make the big tube Huachang night feel relaxed,Compared with the dark, dark, dark,She is still very satisfied now.。 Occasionally miss the past,Then direct the annoying night-end tea delivery,Castle Wooden Night self-feeling is still quite pleasant every day。
I originally made my husband to do this kind of work.,Illuminate is absolutely disagree,I am afraid that the other party is the same as the big tube.。
But I haven’t waited for the night and moved.,Hui Night will take out to make the beauty of the beauty of the water, the night is quiet.,These two women are already in an instant。
Indicates your own fiance(younger brother)Can be arbitrarily,If the night is not obedient,Can also be bossed。
Night said,In the case of sealing,The other party is indeed a benefactor。
And the other party is indeed similar to the agreement,Let yourself created in Yun Village,Worry-free life。
Although because of repeated betrayal,Cartron Huachang Night is still full of not trusting,But in front of this man,Obviously, you have the ability to kill yourself.。
But it is willing to sacrifice the glory of the hero,In order to keep yourself according to agreed,Still let the big torch, the night, decide to trust the other party once,So she will give the other two to a relative ability.。
But one yard is aligned,She is disgusted for night,It is not because it causes her half of the power being sealed.,But the night is in the previous battle,Rudely to her。
I don’t want to be a hero.
Chapter 868 Saiyan is actually a slag man who eats soft rice.
Dragon Ball World,Night,As the most prosperous urban city,Population living here,It has become the most in recent cities.。
To say why,This point can be seen from the advertisement on the high-rise building.。
Because of this city,Living two world strong,One is Mr. Satan, World Champion,The other is the name of Night, named by its name.。
Although the Shalu competition has passed for five years,But for the crisis,People still feel that。
certainly,This is also a matter of relationship with Mr. Satan comes from time to time.。
In the night city,A large amount of advertising with poster is attached around,And it is Satan in various postures.。
As for the number of posters of the night, although there is a lot,But most of them are synthesized by photos with Shalu fifth year ago.。
Not everyone likes Satan than the night.,But because the night’s whereabouts have been following the mother。
Satan, which is often brushing, is not the same,After seven years ago, the night was defeated.,After the public exposed,I have never appeared in front of the public.。
If it does not often appear Mr. Satan,Night is always in the secret exercise,In order to better protect everyone later,The people in the world do even think that the night has suffered.。
West,Bama’s home,At this time, Bama is reprimanded with Terrus and don’t worry.,Side phone,What person is talking。
At this time, Bamar’s home is holding a party.,Because of the reason for the night,This time, Wukong is not dead.,So nature has not arrived in the government.。
However, the trajectory of history is always amazing.,After the Saru competition,Recognizing that Wukong, who has insufficient strength, finds the north of the king to seek special training。
The North Royal King faces the strength of our own Sun Wukong.,Nature is a helplessness,In the end, I can only use the privilege of my king.,Bringing Wukong to the big royal star,Let him cultivate。
Today is the days of the five years of the five years of Sun Wukong cultivation returns,Based on many years have no relationship,So Bama wants to try as much as possible。
As for the call object of Bama,Naturally, I have lived with night.。
Looking at the hook of Bamma hanging on the phone,Others around also look at her eyes.。
“The 18th said that the night is also cultivated.,And it has not been returned,And I invited her to come over.,She also said not interested。”
Bamma has helplessly says the call to the top 18th.,Then I don’t forget to condemn the memorial behavior of the night.。
Bamma’s words,The same soon, I caught Qi Qi resonance,Looking at Sun Wukong, I haven’t eaten my big drink.,Suddenly start big spit。
“These Saiyan people are like,In addition to cultivation all day,There is no other thing.。