[Can pregnant women eat bacon sausages]_Bacon sausages_Pregnancy period_Impact

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[Can pregnant women eat bacon sausages]_Bacon sausages_Pregnancy period_Impact

Bacon is a unique ingredient in China. It is a kind of preserved food made from fresh pork. Bacon is an important way to preserve meat in the past. Today, some people are full of old memories of bacon, and the taste of bacon is easy to rememberTime memory.

However, bacon is not suitable for everyone. For example, can pregnant women eat bacon sausages? Is it harmful?

Here’s a detailed answer.

1. Sausage is not good for pregnant women to absorb nutrition. The diet of pregnant women should pay attention to comprehensive nutrition and reasonable mix to avoid malnutrition or excess. It is recommended to choose alternative, high nutrition, less greasy, easy to digest and absorb fresh food.

Sausages are marinated in a first-order procedure, which basically contains no nutrients such as vitamins and has low nutritional value.

Therefore, pregnant women should not eat it!

2. Sausages are not good for the growth of the fetus. They are good-looking and easy to preserve. The pigments and preservatives added in the process of making sausages usually contain carcinogens-nitrites. Too much nitrites in pregnant women will not only harm the health of the mother, but will also lead toSevere deformity, mutation, serious consequences.

3. The trace content of bacon is very high.

From a weight point of view, the residual content of 100 grams of bacon is as high as 50%; in addition, bacon also contains a considerable amount of cholesterol-123 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams, which is 50% higher than pork!

Much evidence suggests that saturated adults and plasma are the “risk factors” for hyperlipidemia.

Note: 1. The best way to eat sausage is to boil and heat, add more water, and the cooking time should not be less than 30 minutes each time.

This will allow a portion of the nitrite to dissolve in the water.

2, eat more fruits, vitamin C, vitamin E and other relatively rich foods, have antioxidant effects, to a certain extent, can resist the absorption of nitrite.

3. It is also important to choose high-quality sausages that meet production standards.