[Can you eat mango with fever]_ fever_ can you eat

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[Can you eat mango with fever]_ fever_ can you eat

Everyone in the life has experienced a fever, and the whole person is very uncomfortable and has no appetite.

At this time, many people are thinking of eating some fruits, but they can’t eat fruits in disorder when they have a fever.

Because the body’s immunity and resistance are weak during fever, some fruits will deepen the fever after eating.

Mango is sour and sweet and can be appetizing. Many people want to eat a few when they have a fever.

So, can I eat mango with a fever?

Mango has anti-cold effects. It can be eaten during a common cold, but pay attention to the right amount.

For colds and fever or acute episodes of fever, it is best not to eat mango to avoid worsening.

Whether you can eat mango with a fever actually needs to be combined with specific targets: First, you ca n’t eat mango with a fever. Mango is a hot ingredient. A small amount of ingestion is less harmful, but it ‘s easy to get angry if you eat too much.Itching and acne.

It is recommended that pregnant women with “hot belly” who are of hot constitution and the second half of pregnancy should not take too much. The daily intake should not exceed half, and not more than two per week. Each one should be about the size of a palm to avoid aggravating the fire.

In addition, during a cold or fever acute exacerbation period, it is best to avoid eating to avoid worsening.

In addition, mango is a high-sugar fruit that must be fasted during a cold. Sweets not only increase the viscosity of sputum, increase the amount of sputum, will cause abdominal distension and suppress appetite.

Second, fever can eat mango vitamin C has a good effect on colds, and dark-colored fruits contain higher levels of vitamin C than light-colored fruits, so such dark-colored fruits like mango and yellow peach are rich inVitamin C concentration, can well resist the invasion of cold viruses.

“Edible Herbal Medicine” said it “the housewife has no meridian, the blood in her husband’s camp is not good.”

The Compendium of Compendium also contains: “Body qi, stop vomiting.”

Mango can be used to treat toothache, scurvy and colds; it can purify the blood; it has a good effect on bronchitis and stomach acid; it can prevent constipation.

It can phlegm and prevent bacterial infections in the respiratory tract.

It can actually treat a hoarse throat and help reduce fever, reducing pain caused by bruises.