[How to eat rabbit head]_ Rabbit head _ How to eat _ How to make

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[How to eat rabbit head]_ Rabbit head _ How to eat _ How to make

Rabbit head is a very delicious ingredient, there are many cooking methods, and different methods have different flavors. What can be done more than bunny head in summer?

Now let ‘s learn how to make rabbit heads, solve the problem of making rabbit heads, and ensure that you will be satisfied and have a good aftertaste.

The functions and effects of rabbit head: nourishing the stomach and nourishing the stomach, nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, enhancing memory, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, whitening, nourishing, and helping development.

The method of eating rabbit head is very particular!

It ‘s hard to get the essence if you do n’t normally eat it.

If it is a spicy rabbit head, first fully suck the bright red chili oil on the rabbit head with your mouth.

From the position of the mouth, slap the rabbit head into two upper and lower halves, lower the upper part of the head, and eat the half of the elbow first. This is the most meat in the entire rabbit head. After eating it, the whole rabbit head challengeJourney slightly.

Lift your tongue from your chin and eat it.

Check the entire jawbone for any remaining head and eat it.

Pick up the upper half with the bottom facing up, and use the nail of your thumb to take the head of the wrinkled part of the mouth and eat it.

With the head facing your mouth, the rabbit’s head is parallel to the teeth, find the texture of the skull’s top cardia, nibble and grab it. (Usually there is a full brain flower in the rabbit’s skull cavity that has not been in the refrigerator.There is a moderate amount of odorous oil in it), fully open the skull, and focus on recovering the brain flower from the complications of the rabbit’s head (complications of maintaining the brain flower to the greatest extent). After watching and showing off, eat it.

Divide the remaining part into two halves, eat the eyeballs on both sides, the eyelids (the part of the lacrimal gland has some challenging meat), and eat them.

Of course, according to different personal tastes, you can also choose a large number of chewable parts inside the nasal cavity and eat them.

Finally, first suck the delicious ten fingers, we can proudly put Bai Sensen’s bones on the table, drink saliva, take a breath, and then challenge the next one.

After reading the introduction, aren’t you sulking, what are you waiting for, quickly pick up the rabbit head and experiment, and eat the rabbit head in accordance with the above method!