“You have to help me!Fat man!We two are brothers since childhood!”

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Wei Ge looked at the fat man pitifully and pleaded。
“nonsense!Dare to hide you and your subordinates at home at this time,Besides me, can you find the second person to come??”
Fatty said deliberately。
“Yes Yes Yes!I know,You fucking most righteous!I have a good brother like you,Really……Really……”
Brother Wei can’t even say the whole thing。
“OK,You don’t have to fuck with me this time,Think about how to escape。”
The fat man waved his hand impatiently and said。“You help me think about it!You have a brain,I’m just a fucking bastard,Can’t compare with you。”
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Wei Ge immediately pleased,He treats himself as a big brother,I’m a little gangster……
“You can’t escape by car!You can only rely on walking……”
The fat man deliberately thought about it before saying,He’s going to play a trick,Acted。