The two people chat like a friend,Then hang up the phone,Summer surface,唏 唏 概 感。

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“Jingle Bell……”
At this time,The phone in the office suddenly sounds。
Summer picking your eyebrows,Some doubts,Usually,Little will contact him with the office phone。
“Summer minister,Here is a gentleman who claims to be Zhang Hai.,He said that it is a man of Meng.。”
Meng Business?
Isn’t this Suhang Mengjia??
Short mistake,I thought many in the summer.,Say,“it is good,I know,Go on。”
Hang up,Slowness in summer,Soon to the lobby。
“Mr. Xia,Hello,The monk is the sea of Meng’s business.。”
Zhang Hai is a 30-year-old youth.,Smiling,Behavior,People can’t pick up the problem。
“I don’t know what I am looking for me.?”
“23rd this month,It is seven days later.,It is the birthday of our young people Meng Chaoran.,Mr. Xia Qinghai,So Meng Xiao makes me come,And repeatedly,Be sure to invite Mr. Xia to participate。”
Finish,He handed a bronzed invitation。
“it is good,I have a big name for Meng Shao.,At that time。”Summer picking invitation,Faced with a faint smile。
“Thank you。”
Zhang Haisong tone,Aid,“Then I will not bothering the summer.。”
Toned,He looked at the girl,“Can you troubleshoot Liu Dong?,Just say that the monks seek。”
Summer suddenly turned,A few doubts between the look,After laughing,Step away。
at the same time,Harbor Island,A port。
A private cruise slowly beach。
Take the nine people on the cruise ship。
This nineteen is full of strong and strong,They are finishing,Fierce,Everyone’s eyes are as follows:cold,fierce,Bright。
They are very casual,Someone is barefoot,Someone is wearing big pants,There are also people who will hurt themselves.。
The same,It is the scar they bare to the skin outside.。
Gun injury,Knife,Scratch,Listening to a heart。
And on their wrists and holes,Credit a special tattoo。
That is a face,It is like a devil’s face,Looks abnormal,Outside。
Come to the land,Nine people tacit collective stopped,Breathing a fragrant air,Oppose each other,Grinned。“Let it go,Complete the task within three days,Then go to Qinghai to find boss。”
NS500chapter The beginning of the Raptors
Shortly after,Summer,Liu Qingqing has also received a birthday party invitation from Meng Chauling.。
He thought about the words before the moon……Longfei came Qinghai。
And the moon will also participate in a birthday party soon.……
Summer open drawers,Take out the folder,Open,Staring on the above information。