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Some kind of dish is suitable for vinegar to eat

Vinegar can lower blood pressure, help to lose weight, and reduce sodium intake.

Eating more vinegar is good for your health.

Chinese culinary association gourmet nutrition experts suggest that the following dishes should be best vinegar, vinegar can not only improve the taste, but also strengthen the body.


Crispy vegetables are fried with potato, fried bean sprouts, and vinegar when fried, you can make it crisp and refreshing.

Because vinegar protects the cell walls of vegetable plant cells, it remains firm.

But don’t put vinegar when cooking green vegetables such as rapeseed and cabbage.


Fuchsia vegetables in the heart of the radish, fried purple cabbage, put some vinegar to make the size of the color more red and bright.

This is because this purple-red color may be aligned with anthocyanins, and anthocyanins can be beautiful red under acidic conditions.


The bones of the ribs-like leeks with more calcium are rich in calcium. These calcium are mainly in the form of calcium carbide and are not easily dissolved during cooking.

Adding vinegar to the small fish and stewed pork ribs soup can cause the calcium in the bone to dissolve and facilitate the body’s absorption.


The hoof or skin of the hoof or the skin of the animal is rich in collagen, which is a favorite beauty dish for women.

However, collagen requires a long-lasting stew to dissolve.

If you add some vinegar while cooking, you can add collagen to break it down.


Eating seafood crabs and vinegar water products are prone to infection with parasites and microorganisms.

And vinegar has a good bactericidal effect.

When you eat aquatic products, vinegar can not only be used for freshening, but also can be disinfected.