“Ma Yan was beaten,Wang Youcai really did it?”Song Fang lowered her voice,Very unbelieving question。

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Wang Degui said coldly:“Nonsense!He definitely didn’t do this。You have to remember,Don’t talk nonsense about this,Otherwise this will be a big trouble“
“Yes!I want to be the village head,You need it too,But it is best not to use too radical methods,Otherwise, you will go to jail。
Song Fang’s sentence in jail made Wang Degui’s heart tremble。Wang Youcai left without leaving,Is there really a problem??
“This bastard can’t be reached as soon as he leaves the house,Phone off,Call his office,Always a woman picking up,Said he went to the construction site。Did he really have an accident??“Wang Degui said to himself。
Song Fang frowned,Took a breath and said:”Sent,Don’t mention this。You guys get ready,Let’s pick up your hair in the afternoon“
“Didn’t it mean you will come out in the morning?”Wang Degui looked at Song Fang,Asked a little puzzled。
Song Fang nodded and said:“Is not leave tomorrow morning。But the journey is a bit far,Drive over in the morning,Definitely missed。So i thought about it,Why don’t we go there tonight,Find a place to live,Tomorrow morning will have plenty of time”
“Ok!You arrange this。Your mother-in-law is straight-tempered,Don’t be angry with him。I will be back soon,I don’t want him to come back,I saw the discordant side of our old Wang family”Wang Degui said with a serious face。
Song Fang was taken aback,Did not say a word,But he went back to his room。She was lying on the bed looking at the ceiling,I felt like knocking over a five-flavored bottle。
She remembered her bitterness over the years。She is a southern woman,She has the richness and tenderness of a girl in the water village,Also has the wisdom and wisdom of southern women。Married to Wang Lijun from Xiping Village,It’s also the price she paid for her immaturity。
But she is a person who will not admit defeat,When she found herself lost on the road to marriage,She did not flinch,But keep insisting。Helplessly separated,Let her feel lonely as a woman who lives alone。
At this time,The young and capable Xia Jian walked into her heart。At this moment, her feelings are like bursting and flooding,Can’t stop。She has a family with Dao,But she just can’t control herself。
What makes her sad is,She found that Xia Jian didn’t like her。Xia Jianyue is like this,The more she felt that Xia Jian was the one she wanted to pursue。In revenge against Xia Jian,She got together with Chen Erniu。
Thought of here,Song Fang’s tears have flowed down before I think。Whether it’s her marriage to Chen Erniu,Or later married Wang Youfa,But she still can’t forget Xia Jian。
Something she can’t get,Don’t even think of others,She is such a woman。Song Fang thought of this,I suddenly sat up。She is going to the village committee to ask herself for a leave,She doesn’t want to end like this。So bad,This is just the beginning。This is Song Fang,A woman who has a grudge。