“See what you said,Sister Yu is pretty,Natural beauty,Do you still need magic??”

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“I know she is naturally beautiful,But she is rarely so happy,It seems that I met a soulmate。”Xiao Shan said seriously。
What he said made both women embarrassed。
Yu Jiela from Xia Jihan,Say:“Let’s go,Ignore him,Let him be foolish here alone。”
Xiao Shan saw them abandon themselves,Hurried to catch up,At this moment,His phone rang,It’s Chief Gu’s,Asked him if he brought a camera?He said no one told him to bring equipment,Director Gu annoyed and scolded:A reporter who has been working for so many years,Still use others to explain,Go back and get the equipment。He stuck his tongue out at their backs,Turn around and run back。
The historical training course of Ducheng etiquette was held in the lecture hall,This is the largest number of participants except the two sessions、The largest conference,All members of the party and government departments and all cadres of the government of Ducheng participated,Even the garrisoned troops and various units directly under the central province attended the meeting。
Xia Jihan and Yu Jie walked into the lecture hall with the flow of people,Ruoda’s lecture hall is already full,The red monogram says“Special lecture on civilized etiquette of party and government officials in Ducheng to improve the quality of the whole people。”Although each unit has fixed seats,But still packed,The staff at the venue nervously placed chairs on the four sidewalks。They had to find the last seat to sit down,People are squeezing forward,I’m afraid I won’t hear the master’s speech。
First52chapter Pretending to be a stranger
Not for a while,Famous Etiquette and Public Relations Expert in my country、Professor Jin Kun, a doctoral supervisor, accompanied by the leaders of the Ducheng Party and government and the main leaders of the four major groups in Ducheng,Step into the podium。
He just appeared,There was enthusiastic applause from the audience. Many people have seen him on TV.,Yi Zhuang and Harmony,Wise and unique language,Are all impressed。
Guan Hao personally presided over this conference。
He introduced in more detail the personal achievements of Professor Jin Jong-kun,Then I talked about the importance of party and government officials learning civilized etiquette,He said:“etiquette,It always reflects the civilization of a society,Whether to pay attention to etiquette as a cadre of party and government organs,It’s not only about your own image,And it’s related to the image of the government、Establishment of the party’s image、Currently,In our party and government cadres,Etiquette style is not optimistic,Hope to learn about etiquette and training in etiquette standards,Improve our etiquette,It also makes the mission of party and government cadres to govern for the people truly implemented。”
Speaking of which,His awe-inspiring、Piercing eyes,Scanned the audience,The venue is extremely quiet。
Guan Hao continued:“Our main job in Ducheng in the next two days is to learn civilized etiquette,I hope everyone listens carefully,persevere until the end,No work is scheduled in the city these two days,Mayor Chang and I and our four leaders will participate in this training from beginning to end.,There shouldn’t be any reason for you not to insist。Today I am honored to find that the officers and soldiers of various units and troops stationed in the Supervisory Department have also participated in this training course.,Made me feel the charm of Chinese civilization and etiquette,Felt the charm and charisma of Professor Jin Kun。”
Professor Jin on the podium laughed,The atmosphere in the venue suddenly became relaxed。
This is the charm of Guan Hao,He can always handle more serious topics properly in any situation,Not to make everyone too embarrassed and introspective。