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McGee made a fake move!
Dragic takes the ball to the frontcourt。
Hello pick and roll,Da Bai raised it to block Xu Xuan。
Dragic did not choose to be reckless,A split,Take the ball from Xu XuanCJ·Miles passed through。
The ball is in Xia Shun’s big white hand。
Big white flying lick the basket。
McGee’s defense is not bad,But in terms of hard physical confrontation, it’s worse than that.。
But McGee doesn’t care,Before Da Bai turned around,He has slipped to the bottom line to deliver the ball。
Xu Xuan took the ball and ran,Control the ball completely。
And then throw the ball forward,Start in place,Super fast explosive。
Speed up。
At this time, the Heat only have Dragic in the backcourt.。
Xu Xuan caught up with the ball he threw near the center line。
Take the ball and continue to accelerate。
Come to the free throw line。
One step forward。
Fight against Dragic’s jump!
Three steps。