“Not interested in。”

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Jingtai probably did not expect Lin Wen directly refused,And not,Don’t change your face。
But I think of this giant adult’s record,I can only smile,Not dare to fire。
“Gainful people。Three days later, other places will come。”
The man will then throw the forest with the hand.。
As for why don’t you hand it over?,He, of course, has its own mind.。
I want to test the strength of this godner.。
After all, he listened to virtual.,seeing is believing。
Please fly to the forest, like the leaves of the leaves.,And slowly。
Lin loudly:
“I will go anything.。”
The shock of Jingtai is overflowing。
It turned out to go to the momentum of the momentum.。
Too much than the previous one。
Lin responded to the departure,Eucalyptus,Sit up to Yunzhou。
As for this appreciation meeting,Lin ring is still slightly interesting。
Not interested in their baby,It is interested in the minds of the corpse.。
After all, Guanglified now his eyes,Even no clues。
When he left from Changmen,Jianning received a message。
She is sitting on the throne,Inner and its 惆怅。
Originally, I plan to take the opportunity to enter the Yin God.,I didn’t expect to encounter resistance,Now the giant god has warned her.,So no longer dare to be。
The door is opened,Jianning:
“Doesn’t it let anyone bother me??”
“Good temper。”
Jianning heard the voice,Looked up,After seeing the middle-aged man,Stand up immediately。
“How did you come?”
“Of course, it’s coming to take the thing.。”
“Got。Gain,I can’t get close to Yinzhen Temple.。”
Middle-aged man’s face gradually,One of the rooms in the room filled。
Jianning swallowed the fire,Cooperation with this person is not different from the tiger skin。
Although regret,But now there is no way。
“Beast king。One thing you have to understand,Although I promised your cooperation,Can be expanded to be a gustak,You have not done anything。” The beast king gradually puts up the blood。
“What’s more, can you kill it??I am very suspicious。”
“I can’t kill it.,But you can kill you。”