Buchen’s face is cloudy,The color of the poison is flashing in the middle of the eyes.。

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“Mr. Xia,You are going to be toasting, don’t eat a fine wine.?”
There is still a matter of summer in summer.,Continue to walk。
See this,Next to Feng Tiancheng once again,“Morning,Give me up,Have a waste of him!”
Who is not moving,Cold drink,“Mr. Xia,Be a low-key,You have a word,There are days outside the sky.,There are people outside people.?
Front,Summer stopping footsteps,Turn over,But a smile,Face is exhausted。
But the next moment,The virtual eyes suddenly opened,The dark scorpion is not calm,Acknowledge,“Do you only have a gun??To play,When Laozi played a plot,Are you still wearing a pair of trousers?。”
White color changing instant transformation,Pupil is a shrinkage。
He said so much,Already done a posture,White transmissions,“Since this,Then don’t blame me, you are welcome.。”
Hour time,Bucking on the bipard,Power pay attention to the legs suddenly broke out,At a moment, I went to the side of the summer.。
His arm,Five fingers,Bring a torn whistling sound。
Summer is like life,Just take a step right side,Insurance and danger。
But in the morning did not stop,Take a single leg,The air waves are like a magical large slice http://www.monigaoerfu.cnof dragons.。
His whip leg is like a roaring wind dragon,Like a surrounding air。
Such visual screen,Let the four surroundings around the road。
And Feng Tiancheng smiled and screamed.,“beat,Give me!kill him!”
Facing the whip leg,Summer seems to be aware,Free knee,The ligament of the legs is like a spring stretching,The upper body is gently。
Avoid again。 However,Bucking is lightning,Washing a toner。
The fist blooms sharp air pressure,Carrying the heart of the lungs。
Three strokes have been。
Everyone sees,The youth of the walk is suddenly turned in the air.,The security uniform wearing the body drums,Oscillate,One arm is like a shell。
Hard door!
No arrogant and arrogant,As if。