They are curious about?。”

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With Li Hui’s finish,I will open the door directly.。
Zhou Miao is also open to the car.。
And Zhou Miao comes out in an instant,I immediately attracted the attention of Xu Tianci, who just came back from town.。
A pair of snow white sports shoes,A cotton sweepstone is easier, but it is better to highlight the long legs.,Upper body loose cartoonTThe head is even more than the youthful breath that Zhou Miao is emitted.。
A duckling hat covered the good face, and let Xu Tianci want to take a clear clear.。
Zhou Miao also saw Xu Tianci who came over with her.,Frowning does not help but wrinkle。
Because Xu Tianci walked up the way is the kind of hanging childhood,I don’t know what good people.。
“Bamboo,Li Hui has brought back the beautiful woman today.?
this late,It’s hard to be tonight, you can’t stay in your home.?”
Speech,Xu Tianci is also constantly playing Zhou Miao.,What didn’t think of him is that Zhou Miao is actually a best.,A goose egg face,Double eyelids are very good,Especially the faint red lips actually exudes crystal gloss.,Let Xu Tianci is more villain。
Didn’t wait for Li Hui,Zhou Miao couldn’t help but。
“What do you see??
I have never seen a beautiful woman.?
I am in this night tonight.,Do you take care of it??
Salty eating radish。”
Zhou Miao opened,It is even more interest to Xu Tianzhi.。
The good voice is equipped with a spicy personality,Xu Tianci feels nothing to have a taste。
“Hey-hey,Beauty has seen a lot,But as you are so beautiful, you will see the first time.,Do you want to go to the county city for one night??
Brother takes youKTVSee。”
Looking at Xu Tianci to look like,There is also the way that the soil degenerate,Zhou Miao is directly disdainful to the head, and it does not love each other.。
Seeing Zhou Miao departure,Xu Tianci is even more bold,Directly to grasp Zhou Miao’s wrist。
Just not wait for him to catch,Li Hui Feng has a flashing body to block the Zhou Miao.。
“Humph,Xu Tianci,Do you have this dog’s paw??”
Say this,Li Hui Feng directly smashed。
moment,Xu Tianci feels that his wrist is going to fell.,If it is usually, he will not seek for!,But when the beauty of the week seedlings,He naturally can’t fall face。
Directly with the left hand from the waist out of the butterfly knife, pushed the arm with the wind.。
Chapter 43, Letter
Peng Zhou Miao saw Xu Tianci to take out the dagger, ready to remind Li Hui,But immediately after she saw that Xu Tianci was flying out by Li Hui.。
“Stinky boy,A few times before,You are still awkward.,Laozi must kill you today.。”
Xu Tianci felt his face in front of Zhou Miao.,Just rush directly up,Just haven’t waited for him.,Li Hui’s first arrived first until,I kicked the butterfly knife in his hands.。
嘎 嘎“what!”