Chapter one hundred and fourteen So silly and innocent Yang Shiyun

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? Yang Shiyun smiled bitterly,Whisper。
“correct,Their dealer left me this!Does this count as the trouble they asked me first?”
Qin Liang is talking,I took out a well-preserved piece of paper from my pocket and gave it to Yang Shiyun。
Yang Shiyun opened that piece of paper,Only three words were written on it;Wait for death!
“Ugh……What does this show?Don’t say there is no one’s signature on it,Even if there is,How can you be sure that this is written by the dealer?In case who framed the dealer?What if it is a prank?”
Yang Shiyun didn’t want to say that,but……This is a fact that cannot be avoided!It’s like this or not。
“……What do you mean,As long as the dealer is wrong with Shen Ruoxi or me,I can’t do anything with them?”
Qin Liang asked depressed。
Yang Shiyun nodded helplessly!
Qin Liang stared at Yang Shiyun for a while,Did not speak,I stood up with a sullen face and wanted to leave the room。
“wait a moment!Why are you going?”
Yang Shiyun hurriedly reached out and grabbed him and asked。
“I feel so upset now,I’ll go for a walk……”
Qin Liang said very depressed。
“Don’t go……You are in a bad state,I’m afraid you will find the difference and fight with someone,In case you break someone again……Then let’s trouble ourselves……”
Yang Shiyun said carefully,She doesn’t want to provoke Qin Liang at this moment。
Qin Liang hesitated for a moment,Sighed,Sat down again in frustration,Suddenly he felt a sense of being teased by the dealer……