Yanzi asked seriously。

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“master,I swear I never lied to you,The four of us really came to your country for vacation,No task,I swear!”
Luna raised her hands solemnly and swears to heaven。
“Then go out with me!I want to tell my companions,Otherwise, you might hurt people if you start!”
Yanzi immediately said anxiously。
She just fell off,Yang Shiyun rushed past her and Luna!Run faster than rabbits!
“This young lady is so fast!”
Luna said in surprise。
“Yep,That is my sister,Is the number one master of our dragon soul female warriors。”
Swallow lied kindly,Said Yang Shiyun is the first female master of Dragon Soul,Actually she is……But if you want to talk about the body,,Yang Shiyun is indeed not under her。
“Oh,Then let’s go out first,Stop them from hurting people first。”
Luna nodded and said。
After Yang Shiyun ran out of the hotel,I can’t see Qin Liang and others long ago,So she immediately called Qin Liang。
“what happened?”
Qin Liang answered the phone immediately,He was shocked,I thought Swallow had an accident!
“You can learn,Don’t hurt,The female assassin inside is Yanzi’s apprentice,The four of them are really here to travel,Holiday,No purpose。”
Yang Shiyun finished these few sentences as quickly as possible。
“I have a hasty……I know,We are in a clearing behind the hotel。”