“be good,Waiting for my call at home tonight。”

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Chen Haoyue is embarrassed,The more Qin Liang wanted to tease her,Anyway, everyone’s relationship is so familiar,It doesn’t matter if you make a big joke。
“Ignore you,Pervert。”
Chen Hao pretended to be angry and said something harshly,Turned and ran。
Having trouble with Chen Hao,Qin Liang is in a particularly good mood,He sat back behind his large boss desk,Reach out to open the drawer,Ready to pick the next beauty to come to the company for interview。
Take a look,Qin Liang hit a girl named Liu Rushi,She is beautiful in the photo,Looks very pure。
“OK,She is today。”
Goal selected,Qin Liang called the girl。
And then ran to the closet,I carefully prepared a transparent and thin underwear,Prepare for a while and let the girl show her figure to herself。
A while,Chen Hao walked into the president’s office with a quiet girl,Qin Liang looked at her seriously,Not small……
“This is poetry,Hello,Welcome。”
Qin Liang nicknamed them directly,This is called an intimacy。
Chen Hao made a vomiting expression at Qin Liang behind the girl,Then turned around and walked out。
“Hello,I’m here to apply,My name is Liu Rushi。”
The girl speaks like her people,Gentle as water。
“Liu Rushi,Good name!you are so pretty,Indeed same as poetry,I remember that there was a big beauty in ancient times called Liu Rushi。”
Qin Liang cheered and began to cover。
“Her name is Liu Rushi……”