But everyone is so calm down.。

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One of them asked,“Summer will definitely send masters to protect Miaoi,I am afraid that I am not killing.。”
“Not killing, you have to kill。”
Gu Cong Zhi’s eyes,“Moreover,This world can block the master of our five brothers,How much is it??”
Toned,“Ten thousand steps,Even if we fail,Can also retreat。”
His eyes reveal a touch of virus,“After failure,We can also threaten Liu Qingqing,Give us to us,Otherwise,Just reveal this thing to summer。”
……Time,Three days in the past。
Three days,Some of the summer have some delicious。
Always,He is thinking about the problem of treating women.,Ability to control your emotions。
But when I really face,Not too much。
most of the time,Thinking mood is not so easy to control。
This also makes the summer to recognize a fact。
He is clearing clear。
Very concerned。
Don’t want to lose her。
Good,After the third day, I went home after get off work.,He once again heard a busy voice from the kitchen.。
Summer first time came to the kitchen。
Liu Qingqing is surrounded by apron,Sideware,On the side of it,Smile,“You go to the rest,I am calling you meals.。”
Summocks nodded,Put out。
Then I arrived at the third floor.。 Jossimo half an hour,Recompass the living room。
Table,Already put a few dishes。
Liu Qingqing is just from the kitchen,Two bowls of rice。
She puts one of the rice rice in front of summer.,Sitting on opposite yourself。
There are no many words.,Silently eat rice。