To know。

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Not the era of cold weapons now,Again master,If is surrounded by heavy,Be covered with gunfire,Don’t say what hegemony,It is the fairy that has to become a beach meat mud.。
However, now,More than 30 observers finally knew the answer。
What is an overlord?!
That is not just a powerful Wufu!
Such as the gunfire coverage,After the initial panic,He not only didn’t escape,Instead, under the intensive artillery cover,Ability to avoid avoid,And one person initiates a charge to them。
But what is it??
The closer distance,The more profitable them。
I can’t help but I can’t use my fist.?
Next second。
They know the answer。
I originally avoided the bloody body shape,Suddenly start acceleration。
I haven’t waited for them to come back.,I saw the blood color figure,Weight on the ground。
“It’s enough。”
This is the sound of summer。
At the same time,Inertility,He has a slight bow,Inertia,Slam。
en route,The snake knife appears in the hand,The knife is instantly skyrocketing,And then pulled out horizontally。
Violent waves,A piercer maturing has formed a large amount of energy。
Huge arc tear out a huge white practice,Taking a long momentum。
A flared rays amplified in everyone’s retina。
No one can describe this moment of view。
The huge arc of the half is too tathered.,It seems that the sky is generally。
Too much dazzling。
A knife is closed。
“not good!Hide!This is a knife!”
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