Whether Jiang Fishing Village is still very important for yourself。

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Jiang Fishing Village is a great boost in his early days.,And the night is a ancestor of the night http://www.bfe home.,More than one generation,Battlefield。
Jiang Fishing Village and the night, such as the sound of the big strong, directly climbed to the point of the half-poinsee,Of course, that kind of strong who did not condense。
Two strong people,Powerful evil breath straight horizon,The two strong people have emerged on huge black swirls.,Crazy swallowing the sound between heaven and earth。
The power of the two strong people climb again。
Like breaking a 桎梏,At this moment, the atmosphere of the two great powers has changed the earth.,Directly into a new level,The soul in their body changed at this moment.。
Realistic,The virtual shadow of the two yuan is coming out.。
Gradually condensed。
At this moment, it is enough to condense the strength of the gods.,And their breath is still climbing。
“good,Emperor of the night,Another respect is also an extraordinary system,Good powerful sword,I actually didn’t find it.,Is there a sword。”Lin Feng looked at the two strong people muttered。
“Maple,This is afraid to hurt your source.?”White is dead, watching this scene。
“Can’t hurt,Can only say that the source is。”Lin Feng said with a smile:“White old,Do not worry,After the end of them,Top more consume me25%Blood origin,This is more than a battle.。”
White is dead, thumbs up, laughing:“You can’t breed countless zombies.?”
“White old,Who is not enough to raise zombies,At this level,Will not have any effect on our battles。”Lin Feng smiled and shook his head:“Can only be a pro,Friends to provide。”
“makes sense。”White is dead, hesitated,He almost forgot Lin Feng’s realm.。
Lin Feng is now too powerful.。
The strong people who condensed out the gods were not as good as the ants in front of Lin Feng.,Or is a relatively large ant,Who will breed a few ants to bite people??
“White old,Hello, practice。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Strive for Nirvana rebirth,After Nirvana reborn,Some is time research。”
“I understand this.。”White is dead:“But my opportunity now has a little low.。”
“If you are more than that of Dongxing,let it go。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“But feel,They still don’t want you,You should have a chance。”
White is deadly nodded:“Let’s do your best.。”
“Not trying to do their best,Must be reborn。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“People are selfish,The old man in our generation must be inclined on resources.,Descendant,Let them look for itself。”
“Still left to future generations。”White misconduct。
“This is not allowed,This is an order。”Lin Feng Road:“There are too many resources left to the vectors.,Although it is good to develop,But not good things。” “You can’t say this,For example, some resources,Use little a little bit!”Aloud。
“Some resources are less than a little bit,But their resources are still more than we are at the same stage.,Countless advantages,For example, students can enter the Central Imperial College,They may never know how much life is to give them such good conditions.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I want people in the world.,Almost all are difficult to get their conditions,This is also the same for hundreds of years。”
“This is also。”White is dead and laughs:“All right,Maple,You tell me some people who are re-studied.,Those emperors wrote,I feel that you don’t have a good thing.。”