“Yes indeed,Business trip,how,Miss me?”

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Qin Liang introduced the topic to what he is good at。
“Miss you,You don’t even miss me,Why should i miss you。”
Zhao Lu finished,Deliberately looked away。
“Who said I don’t want you?Didn’t I come to you as soon as I came back?。”
Qin Liang smiled and walked to Zhao Lu,Reach out and hug her。
Zhao Lu dodged,Did not evade,Qin Liang hugged him。
“But i don’t think you miss me,It’s been so long,You didn’t even call me。”
Zhao Lu said strangely。
“exactly,This is indeed my fault,I was negligent,Sorry。”
Qin Liang really feels guilty,He has Zhao Lu’s phone number,But he has never contacted her。
“What do you think?,I’m sorry?I won’t do it。”
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