Wang Jiadong smiled,Say:“You are so confident?”

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Peng Changyi looked at him,Seriously:“I am 200% confident,Or let’s bet。”
Peng Changyi smiled badly,Say:“I don’t say now,It’s boring to say it,The secret cannot be revealed prematurely。”
Wang Jiadong smiled,He knew that Peng Changyi was more dependent on himself,Although I said it was of little use to him,But he knows,Peng Changyi encountered something,I still like to talk to him,Maybe,In the process of talking with him,Some questions Peng Changyi wants to understand。But go to Langzhu,He really didn’t think about it,As for why Peng Changyi is so confident that he will take the initiative to ask him to go to Langzhu in the future,At this time, Wang Jiadong has no definite answer yet。
the next day,Peng Changyi set off directly from Kangzhou,Go to a meeting in the province,He is outside the provincial government meeting room,I saw Lang Zhu, Director of the Finance Bureau, Bai Rui who was waiting for him,There is also a deputy director and chief of the budget section,After the three met, they walked into the meeting room。
This meeting,It was hosted by a vice governor in charge of finance of the provincial government,Mainly to reduce government office expenses,Clean up small vaults at all levels,Streamline mechanism,Avoid repetitive expenses, etc.。
The spirit of this meeting,Found the basis for Jiang Fan’s next office cost reform plan。
After the meeting,Peng Changyi told Director Bai:“Go home after you eat,I still have something,Go back in the afternoon。”
Director Bai and the deputy chief followed everyone to the guest house restaurant。
Peng Changyi didn’t go to the meeting meal,He wants to see two people next,One is Lu Yuan,Of course the other person is Shu Qing。
Peng Changyi came to the provincial capital for a meeting this time,Is his first time as the deputy mayor of Langzhu City,He wanted to find a chance to meet Lu Yuan,Jiang Fan once told him,Lu Yuan, who has been transferred to the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection,Still thinking about him,Follow Kangzhou,He even told Peng Changyi of some of Lu Yuan’s feedback。and so,Whether it’s for visiting old friends,Still out of thanks,Peng Changyi wants to see Lu Yuan,after all,On official career,Multiple friends multiple roads。
and so,On his way from Kangzhou,I found the phone number of Lu Yuan’s office through the provincial government’s internal address book,He made an appointment with Lu Yuan,If you have time,After the meeting,They meet up,Sit together at noon。
Luckily, Lu Yuan didn’t travel on business,He promised to wait for Peng Changyi at noon。