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Only a black light slammed into these two huge tiger monsters。
Little mouse hits big tiger。
Only hear“boom、boom”Two beeps,The two saber-toothed tigers retreated after being hit,And head,There are several claw marks on the forelegs。
“Lei,Hurry up!It’s so hard to deal with a stupid tiger。”Beibei people stand up,Grinned,Five years,His relationship with Lin Lei is no less than the original,That’s true brotherhood,One person and one mouse also signed an equality contract。
But compared with the original,Beibei also has a sense of competition for Lin Lei。
Must say,The talent of the beast is still very powerful,Beibei is only five years old now,And still‘Undernourishment’Premature baby,Now it’s a level seven monster—Of course, this is also because Wright placed their two places of practice at the node of the plane prison,Rich elements,The bad consequences of Beibei’s premature delivery made up for a lot。
But compared to lei,Beibei is still a lot worse in realm。
“Babe,Don’t underestimate me!”Lin Lei smiled,The long sword in the hand draws a mysterious path。
The whole body is like a fire on firewood,Instant burning burst。
Slash,Not a heavy weapon, but like a heavy hammer,A heavy axe。Directly hit the sword-toothed tiger that came again—The huge body of the saber-toothed tiger flies to a height of more than 20 meters,Make a sound of panic—Pitiful,The saber-toothed tiger is not a flying beast,This saber-toothed tiger flew more than 30 meters away,Then fell to the ground。
The other two saber-toothed tigers couldn’t help but shiver。
Fight with that little black shadow mouse,At most skin wounds。After all, although this little mouse is fast、Strong defense,But the attack is so-so—Paw teeth are too small,At most hurt the skin。
But fight against that seemingly weak human,A seemingly ordinary sword,Amazingly powerful。
“enough~”A crisp voice appeared above one person, one mouse and three tigers。
The three-headed saber-toothed tiger heard this sound like an amnesty。
A man with two cat ears landed in the air,Girl in a green robe。
“Maoqiu teacher~”Lin Lei and Bei Bei hurriedly say hello。